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We make Demand Letters easy™

* An addtional $20 per demand letter sent by registered mail will be charged.

What are Demand Letters?

Quite simply, it’s a letter where a party is demanding something. Typically, it’s written by an Paralegal or Lawyer. And typically, the letter is demanding a person stop doing something that’s illegal or start doing something that they’re required to do. For example, you might send a letter when another party in a contract is breaching the contract. And the letter would say, “We demand that you stop breaching the contract.” Or, for example, a letter might say, “We demand that you stop infringing my intellectual property rights.” 

One benefit of a clear, concise letter is that you might not have to go through the trouble of filing a small claims court case. Even if you have already unsuccessfully argued with your adversary in person or over the phone, laying out your matter in a letter shows action. The other party must face the fact that you won’t simply go away. And if you sue, it will take time and energy to defend a case. Even worse, you might win. In short, your chances of getting the result you want will increase when you make your case by sending a demand letter.

By sending a demand letter we let the our customer know that we were serious and would not go away. After many ignored phone calls and emails they finally paid their outstanding invoice without the need to go to court
– Dave B.


Areas where we can help


Unpaid Invoices

Your client is refusing to pay an outstanding invoice. 


Defamation / Reputation

Has someone defamed you or impuned your reputation?



Were you the subject of Harassment. 


Purchase / Sale

You have purchased or sold something and now there are issues.



Someone has damaged your property



You are having issues with a warranty.


Employer / Employee

Having an issue with an an employer / employee?


Unpaid Debt

You have loaned someone money and they are refusing to pay it back


Neighbour disputes

Do you have an issue with your neighbour? Making too much noise? 


Real estate (post closing issues)

You have recently purchased real estate (a house for instance) and subsequently discovered a significant defect, which was hidden from you at the time of the sale (cracked foundations, water leaks, etc.). For instance, this option can allow you to request a reduction in the price you paid for it, reimbursement of the amounts you paid for the work done to repair the defect, etc.


Latent defect / Hidden defect

You have recently purchased a car, property, etc. and subsequently discovered a significant defect, which was hidden from you at the time of the sale (blemish, problem). For instance, this option can allow you to request a reduction in the price you paid for it, reimbursement of the amounts you paid for the work done to repair the defect, etc.


Renovations / Construction

You are having issues with a renovation / construction project.


Breach of contract

Someone is not living up to the contract that they have signed.



You are having difficulties with your landlord or with your tenant.


Mechanic / Vehicle

You are having difficulties with your mechanic or vehicle


Family Issue

Spouse is withholding property or has destroyed it


Door to door salesmen

Have you been sold something you did not want/need

Why Use 


A demand letter shows the other party you’re serious.

Let’s say your business is engaged in a dispute with another company. You’ve made phone calls and sent e-mails. Angry words are exchanged. The other company may think you’re not going to pursue the issue legally. A demand letter makes the possibility of a lawsuit “real” for the other company. Perhaps for the first time, the other party will have to weigh the possible consequences of not complying with the demand.


Did you know that the information in a demand letter may be used against you?

If you do wind up in court, a judge will read the demand letter. Being insulting or threatening can hurt your case. So can demanding an unreasonable amount of money.

The wording of a demand letter is important. You also want to ensure any demands made are in compliance with all applicable laws. In additon you also want to ensure the wording of the letter does not result in a waiver of your rights.

Our demand letter wizard will walk you throught the process of creating an effective demand letter. Better yet when you have it reviewed by a Precision Paralegal team member they can advise you on correct wording with the demand letter.


A demand letter is generally seen by the court as a sign of good faith.

The letter shows that the party sending it wants to resolve the issue and isn’t wasting valuable judicial resources. Courts like to see that efforts have been made to settle disputes. Sending a demand letter by certified mail (with return receipt requested) and by regular mail provides proof that you made the effort. In some cases, sending a demand letter is required before going to court.


We will help you organize your case

There’s more to a small claims court case than filling out the complaint. You’ll have to prove your case with evidence. When you write your demand letter with, you’ll set forth your position, and provide the reasons you’ll prevail. Doing so will help you think through every aspect of your case, including the facts, law, and the evidence you’ll need to prove your position. You’ll be better prepared to go to court if the need arises.


Are your emails, letters and phonecalls not getting any response?

In this case you may want to consider having your Demand Letter sent by Precision Paralegal. A letter that is received by registered mail and sent from the a leading small claims court firms shows you are serious.


Sending a demand letter can save you money and time in the long run.

Although it costs money to draft a demand letter , if it is successful, you’ll save more than if you go to court. Litigation is generally time consuming and expensive. Even if you win, you will likely have to pay legal fees and there is no guarantee that a court award will be collectible.

A demand letter does not have to be written by an paralegal / lawyer but a letter coming from a legal firm is generally taken more seriously.


But I can download a free template online?

We understand that you can go online and download one of 100’s of free templates for a demand letter. Be wary as these templates may not be compliant with Canadian Laws or be effective in resolving your matter.

With you leverage 23 years of experience of Precision Paralegal in creating the most effective and compliant demand letter.


Is my information secure? is secured using a 256-bit SSL certificate which ensures that your information is kept secure. We also use industry leading “Stripe” for our credit card processing and do not store any credit card information locally.


Why would I get a Paralegal to review my Demand Letter?

Precision Paralegals team of experienced paralegals have been serving canadians for over 25 years. With over 20,000 court room hours and 25 Million dollars recovered for their clients they have the knowledge and expertise that you need to create the most effective demand letter.

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